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Give growing children the best nutritional support out there, with this natural blend of super-powered superfoods. SuperThrive for Children is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, to ensure your little one enjoys radiant health and energy. The neutral flavour and creamy consistency make it perfect for mixing into all sorts of smoothies or juices. SuperThrive for Children is so gentle, it can also be used by pregnant or breastfeeding moms and the elderly. This kids’ superfood formula includes rice protein, barley grass, beetroot extract and lacuma.

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This pure natural supplement has everything growing kids need for excellent health:

  • Mesquite: High fibre, high protein, low GI; easy for little tummies to digest
  • Hemp: Contains all 10 essential amino acids, & anti-inflammatory omegas
  • Lacuma: High in antioxidants & B vitamins; boosts immunity & promotes healing*
  • Barley grass: High in fibre, loaded with chlorophyll; cleanses the blood & promotes healthy organs
  • Rice protein: A great source of fibre, manganese, selenium, phosphorus & magnesium
  • Tulsi: Eases stress, promotes heart health, controls blood sugar levels
  • Beetroot: Full of folic acid, which promotes normal tissue growth; rich in silica, which helps the body utilise calcium, for healthy bones & teeth
  • Elderflower: Anti-inflammatory & calming

*Did You Know? In Peru, the lacuma fruit – also known as Incan Gold – is often the first solid food given to babies, because it’s soft, sweet and so easy to digest.


  • Hot drink: 2tsp SuperThrive, 1tsp honey, hot water
  • Smoothie: 1-2tbsp SuperThrive, 1L spring water, 1tbsp chia, ½ avocado, 3 dates, pinch salt, pinch vanilla powder
  • Recommended daily dosage: 1-3tsp; for best results use with warm spring water


Mesquite, hemp, lacuma, barley grass powder, sprouted rice protein powder, tulsi, beetroot extract, elderflower


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