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Luxury hair butter to feed and protect dry and/or oily hair. Multipurpose use includes hair mask, facial hair i:e beard / mmoustache, nutri-feed hair follicles, leave in conditioner and more. Includes oils of Tamanu, Neem, Jojoba and Argan.

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Why add Skrunch to your hair care regime?

Skrunch is an intensive reperative product created for my own hard-to-handle curls. It is also great for mens unruly facial hair.

Easy to use, truly nourishing, no hidden unpronounceable toxic ingredients or water, and smells delicious.
Water is usually added to a cream, making it more fluid/less buttery. We do not want you to pay for water that dehydrates your skin topically, so we added Extra Virgin, locally produced (Franschhoek) olive oil. This creates a luxurious, creamy, nutritious and conditioning hair butter.

The natural combination of Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in grass fed Tallow contributes to an intensely nourishing serum for the scalp and hair.


Warm half a pea-size at a time in the palm of your hands. May increase dosage as needed. Less is truly more!

Throw your head forward, rub hands together and Skrunch into dry, split, brittle, hungry hair tips. You are good to go!

May use as a reparative hair mask

Do as above, but start with the scalp, massaging well and then brushing from the scalp out towards the hair tips.

Now sleep on it or leave in for a good 6-8 hours. Using the top-2-toe hair bar, wash your hair and rinse well with hot water.

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