Sage Glass Diffuser


A beautifully designed glass diffuser with 2 mist functions and light setting. The vase like diffuser is the perfect finish to a room that allows the space to be filled with lovely a fragrance.  Paired with essential oil it can lift a mood, relieve stress after a hard day, mask smells and pet oudors and help get a great nights sleep

We recommend using Fae Naturals essential oils.

Colour: Sage

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Box Size:L17.2*W17.2*H22.5cm
Power(W): 12
Input Voltage(V): 24
Water Capacity: 100ml
-Mist control Button:
Press once: Turn on Continuous mist
Press twice: Intermittent mist with 30 seconds circle
Press thrice: Turn unit off
-Light control Button:
Press once: Turn on the LED light without the mist function.
Press twice: Turn light off
Lamp:warm yellow light; Power: 0.6W Working DB:35DB Drops of Oil :1-2
1pc glass shape(D10.4*H15.4cm) ,1pc adaptor 1pc measuring cup (Size:D5.2*H4.9CM;capacity:60ml), 1pc A4 size instruction sheet. Package: white box

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Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 17.2 × 22.5 cm


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