Plant-Based Protein Superfood Mix 500g – Cinnamon


Our Protein Mixes are made of Superfoods, Superherbs and natural sweeteners. That’s all. Only good stuff.

The Plant-based Protein powder combines 2 of the most digestible and safe protein sources available, hemp and brown rice protein, creating a complete amino acid profile that avoids hard to digest legume proteins. The superfoods and superherbs increase nutritional density and Monk Fruit bring sweetness without sugar blues.

– High in total protein (43%)
– Sugar Free
– Fantastic value cost/g of protein
– Pea free(many find hard to digest)
– Soya free
– Superfood rich(more than 70%)
– Certified Organic
– Contain Adaptogenic herbs
– Naturally zero GI sweetened

Serving size: 35g
15g Protein per serving

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