Penetizer – 10 Pack


3 in 1 Stylus pen with Sanitiser

Pack of 10:

-4x Black Penetizer Pen

-3x Pink Penetizer Pen

-3x Green Penetizer Pen

10 in stock



A combination writing instrument and hand sanitiser including a cartridge containing a mechanical finger pump at a first end and a retractable pen nib at a second end. The cartridge contains an effective antimicrobial hand sanitiser solution therein which is readily dispensed by the finger pump. The writing instrument is useful for personnel in the healthcare industry and food industry where if function both as a device for recording information and a hand sanitiser.


Refillable sanitiser container with spray nozzle

Stylus point for use on tablets, smartphones and touch screens

Medium ballpoint retractable pen in Black

– Fine mist spray, perfect for use of sanitiser, perfume essence and any other water based liquids

Easy to use and can be refilled in seconds

Additional information

Weight 0.172 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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