Hemp Seeds


Hemp seeds contain the perfect ratio of omega-3 & -6 for the human body, and are a complete protein source.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are harvested from the hemp plant – they are raw and contain 0.0035mg THC per 5g so cannot get you high.


• Contains all 20 known amino acids to build muscle and repair tissue
• 30% digestible protein
• 65% of the protein in globulin protein, edestin, the most potent of any plant

source – it is the backbone of the cell’s DNA and helps the body produce antibodies.

This type of protein is also better for digestion.
• 35% of the protein is albumin which supports liver and kidney health
• Free of trypsin inhibitors that block protein absorption, which means more

protein can be absorbed
• Free of oligosaccharides which means no bloating or discomfort
• Powerful antifungal
• Alkalising to support digestion and assimilation of minerals
• Highly nutritious for all over body nourishment
• Contains cannabinoids which dissolve cancer cells
• Rich in fibre which bulks up meals, assists with cleaning out the digestive tract,

balances blood sugar and sustains energy

• High in Omega-3 and -6 in near perfect ratio for the human body for antioxidant protection from free radical damage, and helps with skin regeneration and elasticity.

• Contains GLA which is the precursor for the production of progestaglandin PGE1 for hormone balance

• Contains lecithin which is brain building and supports the liver


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