Clean Face – Normal/Dry Skin


OCM = Oil Cleanse Method. This is an old ritual that’s scientifically proven & works better than most cleansing methods.

I carefully selected this blend of top quality oils with gentle cleansing, conditioning and oil-balancing properties. Uniquely formulated cleanser to deep cleanse, detoxify & dissolve impurities (make-up/daily environmental toxins) without drying the skin so that you’re left with a complexion that feels soft, clean & nourished. A must try and have!

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Your Clean Face oils are sensitive to the elements, thus well protected being bottled in a dark, homeopathic glass bottle with a drop-dispenser.

Most of this oil blend consists out of the more expensive nutritious oils (not only the cheaper filler/carrier oils most companies use!)

Argan: Great as moisturizer for most skin types – especially acne-prone skin. Filled with healing, anti-inflammatory vitamins A and E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 and linoleic acid which in turn will ease razor burn/bumps, stretch marks, acne marks and much more!Neem: High in anti-oxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E which penetrates the outer layer of our skin, thus extremely effective in healing dry and damaged skin. Neem smoothes wrinkles, stimulates Collagen & Reduces Eczema and Acne. All in one!

Marula: 60% more anti-oxidants than ARGAN! WOW! Marula oil will help with skin problems like Acne, Eczema, blemishes, dry skin, ageing, elasticity and much more!

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