Barleygrass Powder



For some deep-down nourishing support, barleygrass is one green powder to add to your kitchen. Barley grass contains over 90 minerals, is a 20% complete protein with all 19 amino acids. It’s a one of the most powerful , well-rounded superfoods that exist & is almost a catch all , all-in-one medicicinal plant. It  supports the lymphatic system to expel toxins & timulates the production of stomach acid to enhance metabolism. So you’re getting a powerful toxin remover & nutrient replenisher with this certified organic barleygrass.

It is very similar to wheatgrass powder with a slightly different taste ,  barley grass also contains high levels of a protein called P4D1. New research shows it may repair DNA damaged by radiation therapy.

Add to superfood drinks, blend in juices , fresh vegetable juices, and smoothies.
Start with 1 level teaspoon, and build up to 1 tablespoon.”

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