Why Outsource



Why Outsource?


Procurement is vital in business because it directly impacts a company’s ability to make a profit. Outsourcing the procurement function allows an established procurement business to instantly implement a team that will prioritize and implement your business procurement strategy without the added resource costs and commitments to your business.

Buying Power:

As a procurement company with an existing client base, we are able to extend our buying power and established reseller network and pricing which is typically out of reach to individual businesses. Further to this Huracan will strategically engage with suppliers to ensure best pricing after buy savings. Where possible Huracan will engage suppliers to implement reseller agreements to secure below market pricing for your brands that your business has identified as requirements. This approach is a simple and effective way to reduce the cost of goods that your business consumes to meet its customer and business demands.


By outsourcing procurement this removes the interaction between your staff and your suppliers. This removes the risk to your business where your staff introduce supplier relationships into your business with an agenda that does not benefit your bottom line. Where suppliers are chosen due to kickbacks or gifts are arranged in their personal capacity in exchange for orders or exclusivity or where the goal is to entrench suppliers due to personal connections. These relationships between your staff and suppliers directly impact your businesses ability to turn a profit as the suppliers are no longer determined based on price, availability and quality.
The Huracan professional team will be monitored according to KPI’s and work on a three-quote system ensuring that procurement within your business remains aligned to your procurement strategy and safeguards your profit margins.