Procurement Strategy



Procurement Strategy

Procurement is linked to several core business functions within an organization. With this in mind, the procurement strategy should always be considered a critical part of any organization’s corporate strategy.
Huracan Procurement will work with your business to ensure an effective procurement strategy is put into place with the expected outcome that it will save your company money through negotiating favorable terms and pricing, and ensuring supplier quality and efficiency.

Our team endeavors during this process, to understand your corporate identity, market placement and business capabilities. These components are critical for an aligned strategy. Examples of this are your BEE Strategy or if your business identity is an environmentally conscious ethos, then your procurement strategy will need to respect that. Policies should be in place to ensure you are sourcing from companies with similar ethics, or that you are sourcing materials that are sustainable and not environmentally hazardous. Further, your market placement to its customers needs to be understood along with current capabilities as your business needs the right team of people to put into action your business principles that align to your company ethos.

Huracan Procurement will document and adhere to agreed purchasing and procurement workflows along with the approval process, based on locations, departments and value thresholds.

By aligning to your procurement process that was identified through the strategy workshops, Huracan will ensure that our buyers seamlessly acquire goods, services, or works at the best possible price at all times.