Procurement Overview


Huracan Procurement deals with the sourcing activities, negotiation and strategic selection of goods and services that your business needs to fulfill its business model.

Procurement is much more involved than simply handing out money to suppliers for goods and services. For procurement to add value to your business, an effective procurement strategy which includes everything from identifying which goods and services a company needs, accurate record keeping and extends to the management of suppliers, approved supplier catalogues and supplier performance tracking is a must.

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Why Outsource?


Procurement is vital in business because it directly impacts a company’s ability to make a profit. Outsourcing the procurement function allows an established procurement business to instantly implement a team that will prioritize and implement your business procurement strategy without the added resource costs and commitments to your business.

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Procurement Strategy

Procurement is linked to several core business functions within an organization. With this in mind, the procurement strategy should always be considered a critical part of any organization’s corporate strategy.

Huracan Procurement will work with your business to ensure an effective procurement strategy is put into place with the expected outcome that it will save your company money through negotiating favorable terms and pricing, and ensuring supplier quality and efficiency.

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