Marketing & Distribution Strategy


Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and Distribution Strategy

The challenge most manufacturers and OEM’s are posed with is how to get their product to the consumer. Huracãn’s team of talented creatives have built a tried and tested marketing and distribution strategy. Our commercial solution offers so much more than just a traditional marketing service and is designed with the objective to direct sales to customers that you could not reach with your own resources.

Our strategy is targeted to enhance your exposure in the product market. Our team will assist you to launch and distribute new brands and products, as well as revive existing ones, giving you an edge in terms of speed and efficiency in moving products from manufacturer to market.

Your consumers may not know what you sell, they may not understand your value proposition and they may not always think of you first when they need something. Our strategy adopts the golden rule “The more frequently and reliably you put relevant products and product offers in front of your targeted customers, the more frequently they will buy from you.”