Marketing & Distribution Approach


Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and Distribution approach

As a business we continuously aim to increase our own reach and secure additional distribution agreements from an ever-increasing manufacturer and OEM Market. This focus on increasing our footprint works for you as we continue to focus on extending our sales and marketing avenues ensuring a wider access to the consumer market with increased levels of marketing support which allows Huracãn to maintain a reduced cost to the distribution and marketing services offered to our clients.

Our professional team will work with you to define a Marketing and Distribution Strategy to build your enterprise value more quickly by expanding your consumer base and increasing purchase frequency. This is achieved by positioning your brand and placing your product lines in front of your consumers more frequently than your competitors and tapping into our client and agent data bases optimizing your chances that consumers make first-time and ongoing purchases with you, maximizing your sales.

Huracãn will utilize a best practice distribution approach to improve efficiencies in the movement, availability and protection of your goods until they reach your consumer.

Outsourcing these components of your enterprise to Huracãn leaves you without the stress of added staff commitments and the increased costs of resourcing and upskilling. Huracãn will provide an experienced team that will implement and operate the distribution and marketing strategies tailored for your products, saving you the cost of onboarding staff and navigating around common marketing and operational pitfalls.