Consumer Engagement


Marketing & Distribution

Consumer Engagement

How a business targets the consumer has a direct impact on product performance. With your marketing strategy in effect our next step is to tap into our network utilizing the following direct and indirect channels to ensure the exposure of your brand to market.

Commercial Team

Our tenacious Commercial team geared with your marketing strategy and an understanding of your brand and product sets out to knock on the right doors eliminating “legwork” costs to your business. Their objective is business growth and sales, and includes:
• Making sales and meeting sales targets
• Identifying future sales prospects and avenues
• Retaining existing customers and maintaining customer relationships.

Call Center

Enhance your brand experience through our dedicated call center. Our call center agents are trained on all product lines and are able to seamlessly represent your product lines to consumers. They present the front line as the central contact for all incoming sales leads, client enquiries on products, order enquiries and managing all incoming communication and client engagement from the dedicated call center number, sales e-mails, online social media and provides online sales support.

Sales Agents

Through our reseller agreements Huracãn contracts sales agents with sales targets. This increases your sales exposure as your product line is added the agents existing marketing channels and each agent brings their own client network base to leverage off. This agent channel structure opens additional sales avenues that you may not have been able to reach with your existing sales resources.

Online Sales

The Internet is a powerful platform, there are millions of people searching the internet everyday looking for products and services. Online shopping is increasing year on year and is seen as a convenient method to purchase products with no operating hour limitations and reducing any geographical restrictions on your sales. With existing traffic on our e-commerce site, this increases your exposure and is a simple and cost-effective way to take and your products to market. All online sales are distributed from our central warehouse.


Placing products with key retailers has the obvious benefit of increasing sales volumes, it is important to be aware that this sales vehicle is hugely effective in ensuring brand exposure and more importantly establishing trust in your brand with consumers.

Online Marketing

Huracãn online marketing utilizes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to actively market your product to consumers as well as a platform for active consumer engagement.

Our Retail Store

List your product lines in Huracan’s exclusive retail store which does direct sales to the public providing your product with visible retail space and optimal placement inside our store.

Social Media Influencers

Huracãn utilizes Social Media Influencers in its marketing strategy as these are personalities on social media who have established credibility to the public and specific industries. Huracãn will identify influencers who have access to a large audience in your target market and with product placement and active endorsement can encourage product sales and brand trust by virtue of their authenticity and reach.