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every hero wears a mask
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Huracãn  PMD (Pty) Ltd is a young dynamic Black Women Owned company, established in 2011 by two young women with the purpose and aspiration to deliver a distinctive service in a specific market niche, as well as supplying a predefined, methodical playbook to provide innovative, cost-effective and superior turn-key strategies that are tailor-made to perfectly fit the needs and requirements of our customers in both the private and public sectors.

Distribution SERVICES

Our distribution team is ready to make your product available to purchase by dispersing it through the market. we will take care of transportation, packaging and delivery. We provide distribution channel management to further ease the success of your product.

We offer to partake in collaborative relationships with clients and manufacturers.

As a distributor we will enhance your brand exposure to your specific target market.


Introducing our Wellness Lifestyle experience. Our new product range will take you on the journey of a healthier, happier, more energised and balanced lifestyle. Nutrition forms the foundation of healthy living, Huracan PMD has partnered with a few remarkable brands to take you to the top of your health game. We believe that the right fuel requires the highest form of nutrients. As we have discovered, self-care is our most invaluable asset. Huracan PMD believes that we are in the position to help you secure and take of this asset. 




The Nano Wave mask is a breathe easy 30 day reusable mask. It is the only mask on the market with a 5 layer filtered valve.


Using only sustainably sourced, naturally harvested botanical ingredients Hey Gorgeous incorporates these in advanced formulations for proven results to target specific skincare goals.


We define superfoods as organic or wildcrafted whole foods that are recognised by ancient medicinal systems through generations of healing and nourishing the body.


This skin care range & pantry range is waterless, wasteless and bioidentical. The range consists of collagen, colostrum, skin care and more.